self-released 2010. Our rating [5/10]

I've been writing for a while; it has always been and I believe will continue to be one of the great pleasurable escapes in my life.
Creating a world where you are the master is not only empowering but self revealing as there is some piece of the composer in each work.
One of the most rewarding element s of this process is listening to a completely recorded, mixed and mastered song with a talented group of artists making it all come to life.
I am extremely grateful to everyone who participated in this process but most of all to my friend Leandro Albuquerque – keyboards, who shared my vision and tirelessly assisted me in the studio to bring ‘The Ipsan Project – Life’ to fruition and to...
Rhonda Denet – Vocals, who has always brought a dynamic dimension to my compositions and is always a pleasure to work with.
Chuck Batton – Drummer extraordinaire, the glue behind the music with his tasty beats!
Rich Mendoza – Vocals, who did a terrific job on such a short notice…thank you.
Jose E Perez – Bass, I met this very talented musician two weeks before we were scheduled to record and he did a great job also on a short notice.

Thank you all for making this happen.
I look forward to the next one
Best wishes
Phil Ipsan