ANNIVERSARY CIRCLE "Forgotten Inventions" CD
  self-released 2011. Our rating [8/10]

Existential questions will be never probably exhausted as a subject, nevertheless, they occupy everybody single from us more or less strongly, nevertheless, they are since centuries already an An desire of countless people to create her works. "Saturated Fea-thers" of Anniversary Circle works off as such questions:

"When we die do we ask ? Do we go to heaven ? Do we go to hell ? Or are we part of the atheist, agnostic, organic Darwinist plan and go to ear-th ? Turn to dust ? Do we have a choice ?"

Answers to such questions are far diversified and to find only vague, at last, nevertheless, they lie always only in individual arrangement with the inevitable. As vague like the solution attempts can be characterized the music on "Saturated Feathers" which barely appears handy, vaguely, enigmatically.

Roughly lie Anniversary Circle which found foundation already in the 80s, in a cut amount from Deathrock of the old school, creeping postal punk and reminiscences of early Industrialrock veterans like Killing Joke, garnishes with a few excursions to Drone areas. Anniversary Circle can be fixed no piece, but float with her music about all genre borders. Shallow, almost ungreifbar-spirituell active passages alternate with Sprengseln of electric drums, varied rushing prime the female and male voice lines which put out largely the rapt character of the album with her resounding song. The titles become a time almost groundless (' Saturated Feathers') and move only on dark Synthieteppichen forward, then, nevertheless, sometimes the punk bursts (' Make it look like suicide ', Too tired ') and provides thus for the vigorous counterpoint.

Anniversary Circle come to the end that we are in a living hell already here and now, that we for ever in her life, without outbreak or ending. To him the whole work emits after pious desperation, a pale view, progresses gray, sometimes looks cynical, turned in itself, blank. The arrangements scratch, are bitter-nice, paled for Stimmungsfetischisten (like me) an absolute party!


Why this pearl in spite of 30 years of musical activity finds only today publication, is not known to me, however, Fakt is that Sun and Moon Records do to all followers of the called sections whose heart immernoch hits to the melancholy-pale tact of 80th Wave-and Deathrockbewegung an immense fallen. Anniversary Circle are so authentic in her retroaffinen sound that this album would also have been conceivable perfectly 25 years ago. I am inspired!