WILL WHAMOND "The First of Many" CD
  Wham-O-Beth Records 2011. Our rating [8/10]

"This is a very interesting song that really defies categorization. It combines a hip-hop type of vocals with hard rock instrumentals, which is not in itself entirely unusual, but the way you've fused the two is unlike what I've heard before. ...You've also got a good sing-along refrain in "one by one". The musicianship is above par, and the somewhat muted solo guitar work is well-suited to this song. I was worried that at 5 minutes in length the song might be too long to maintain my interest, but it turned out not to be the case. I think you've really got something here. It's a signature sound for your band and I think the listener will be able to identify a different song by you even without having heard it before just because of this signature sound and style . It's quite clear that you're developing your own style and are succeeding in that endeavor. Thanks for letting me listen to your music!"
Leslie J. Bialik - MusicXray and Real Rocker Girl

"Hi just listened to your track and liked what we heard. Could you send more tracks for us to review and we'll give you feed back on the whole cd. all the best" Wayne @ Klavar
Wayne Merrit - Klavar Recordings and MusicXray

“(Will Whamond) can go from a jazz to hip hop to regular ol’ pop from one song to the next. “En Vigro De Nada” could be in a Star Wars-esque video game and “Dance Peeps” might star in the Sims game-the one with the alien.”
Kristen LaFonde -

"great music, all hit potential, definitely for a library..."
David Holbach - The Weeze