BOB NESOM "The Party's Almost Over" CD
  self-released 2009. Our rating [7/10]

Bob Nesom is an alternative folk rock singer/songwriter/instrumentalist and recording artist with working class roots. He is popular for articulating social and political issues of the day with his versatile vocals and innovative nylon-string guitar performances. He has composed hundreds of songs and has written two musical plays. His work has been described as passionate, honest, intriguing and unique. His albums and singles can be purchased at, and

This album, recorded from September 2008 to February 2009, is about surviving turbulent times in America but also celebrates lessons gained by living in it. The 10-song album is available on CD Baby. It was masterfully engineered at the MDI studios in Plymouth,Massachusetts. "Land of Liberty" and the song "The Party's Almost Over" have made a Broadjam Top 10.