self-released 2011. Our rating [3/10]

Born Paul Bettencourt in 1957, he is a Rhode Island native, and the son of musical parents. He was a graduate of West Warwick High School (1975), briefly attended University of Rhode Island (Fall 1975), and ultimately graduated from Boston’s Berklee College of Music (1980) with a Bachelor of Music degree in Composition.

His first commercial recordings were as lead guitarist and co-vocalist with the local 80’s Power-Pop trio, “Visions”; specifically, the vinyl E.P.’s “If You’ll Come Back” (1982) and “Street Dreams” (1983).

PAUL EDWARD GABRIEL’s first actual solo release was the eclectic 1994 CD, “Guilty As Charged”. It was a wide-ranging compendium of styles, incorporating Melodic Alternative Rock, R&B, and Acoustic Pop. Recorded at Triad Recording Complex (then Warwick, RI; now Pawtucket, RI), the production, arranging and advanced technology created something of a musical studio tour-de-force. The CD was released in minimum quantities, without benefit of a distributor or touring band, throughout the 90’s. GABRIEL eventually came to the conclusion that a more focused, song-oriented effort would be called for.

Hence, the 2007 independent release of “Love, Courage And The Open Road” ; PAUL EDWARD GABRIEL’s 10 - song definitive statement. Almost entirely home-produced with digital technology ( and plenty of pure musical effort), the CD grew through a 3-year evolution, with several different song line-ups, and multiple recorded versions of the resulting final tracks. These acoustic & electric Folk-Rock selections were hand-picked from an 11-year period of GABRIEL’S writing (1989 to 2000).

2010’s “Basics” CD created even greater focus on the live aspect of GABRIEL’S performances; its 10 intimate-sounding tracks revolve around vocal and acoustic guitar, with added bass where needed.