BARDUR JOHANNESEN "Ancient Forgotten Stories" CD
  Tutl 2011. Our rating [10/10]

My name Bárður Johannesen, and I am 28 years old. I live and grew up in a small country far in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, called the Faroe Islands. The place consists of 18 small and green islands, and is known for its peaceful and beautiful nature environment and changing weather colours, its great and steep mountains, surrounded by the great and harsh sea. This mystical and enchanted place is inspirational and perfect to write your own music...

Ancient Forgotten Stories
The 9th of august 2010 my début album – called Ancient Forgotten Stories – was released. It is my own music, which I have composed and written. The text is in English, while one song is in Faroese. The style I believe is a mixture between jazz/pop and a bit of folk music.

Catalogue nr.: HJF210

Song titels:
Ancient Forgotten Stories
Morning Journey
Almost There
In The Sky
Old Legends
Seasons of Change
Comprehension of a Word
For My Wife

Bárður Johannesen: Vocals, piano, accordion, glocken spiel, organ
Brandur Jacobsen: Drums, percussion
Rúni Eysturlíð: Acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Eyðun E. Johannesen: Contrabass, electrical bass
Òlavur Olsen: Trumpet, flugel horn, tin whistle
Recorded in Studio Bloch, april 2010