Guerilla Records & Rockamagula music 2008. Our rating [5/10]

Webster’s definition of ‘Ivory Tower’ is: a figurative place of mental withdrawal from reality. The phrase is used as a symbol of escapism. “We thought it was a perfect name for a group of musicians who all had to work day jobs.” Independent recording artists: Ivory Tower Project is a new breed of ‘old school’ rockers. Their music is inspired by the great Classic Rock artists of the 70’s and 80’s. Ivory Tower Project is more a group of songwriters and musicians than a band and their biography is a story of tenacity despite tragedy and loss. “Our music brings us back to a time when life seemed to be simpler. Our songs are about life and love; the feelings, actions and emotions that are incidental to people young and old. If you listen to the songs and they bring your mind back to a ‘better time’ in your life, or if they simply made you ‘feel good’ while you were listening - then we made a connection.”

USA/Canada: New Classic Rock – Power Pop - Adult Contemporary Rock – Pop/Rock - (Indie)
Europe/Asia: Melodic Rock - AOR (Independent/Underground)

Artist History:

Ivory Tower Project (ITP) was founded by NY veteran songwriters: Johnny Jace and Mark Regula. Their objective was to write memorable songs from the heart and soul. Jace and Regula’s collaboration evolved into an extensive catalog of Pop/Rock songs. NYC veteran guitarist: Tony Novarro was soon recruited, and Novarro and Regula formed the core of the band: Ivory Tower. Sadly, just a few months after the bands first recording session, their original drummer: Sal DiAngelo who was previously diagnosed with leukemia, had passed away. Soon after that, the group’s original bass player: Kevin Joyce gave notice that he was going to leave. As Ivory Tower lost their band members, they were replaced by the NY Metro area’s finest studio musicians that transcended Ivory Tower from being a band into a studio Project. ITP signed with Guerrilla Records who released a four-song EP entitled: "Red Hot". The EP received medium air play on college, public (community) and internet radio in the USA and was later released internationally. In 2003, the signature single from the EP: "Burning" charted #1 on Adult Contemporary Rock Chart for both the USA and later in England. "Red Hot" has received rave reviews and airplay on over 450 radio stations in 29 countries worldwide. Tracks from the EP have charted in the Top 20 on scores of internet radio stations and have been included on 6 compilation CDs in 4 countries (click here to view Discography page). In December of 2003, songwriter and group lyricist: Johnny Jace died from complications of heart disease; for more information on Johnny and his life - you can read more about him on his individual biography below.In December of 2010, ITP's CD RED HOT received the "Best Studio Project" award from internet radio station: Radio Gets Wild in England. And in December of 2006, ITP charted #19 on the Top 30 Songs for 2006 on internet station: WCH. Currently ITP is in the recording studio working on a full length CD release.