IAN BEL “Fake Factory” CD
  UNO record company 2011. Our rating [7/10]

Ian Bel is the name behind the video Slave which has had more than 95,000 plays on YouTube.

The man behind the name grew up on a tiny farm not far from Oslo, Norway’s capital and claims to have begun making music “at the height of 100 cm”.

Bel was heavily influenced by a classical pianist mother and folk musician father and by the sounds of a distant relative – legendary Norwegian violinist and composer Ole Bull – echoing down the family bloodline.

Bel sang in a choir, excelled on the piano and guitar – and proved that violin virtuosity is not a genetic certainty – before forming a number of bands during the 90s. In 1997 he cut his first independent album, the gothic Mr Government. Six years later he founded UNO Record Company as a small indie label.

Bel has also composed theme music for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation nation and written a humorous children’s book Martha Martha. His many live performances include a 2008 charity concert for Africa inspired by the UN Millennium Development goals.

The latest Ian Bel production is Fake Factory, a concept album based on a self-penned book about the media industry available NOW.


“Norways Jim Morrison.. "Fake Factory just had it’s release and it deserves a release here in as well…because it is a fabulous record. The headline of my story goes to the legendary singer in The Doors, who died far too soon by his abuse of narcotics. I do not hope, and I do not think that Ian Bel is going to make the same mistake, because if he did we’d loose a great gifted talent, a hidden diamond in rock music, actually in all genres…I don’t know if Ian Bel likes The Doors himself, but the similarity is there anyway. Fake Factory contains two cds, 13 songs on cd one, and 8 songs on the B-side. With no exception they are all of very high quality. Not only technically, but an album that really stands out in the masses of releases. Ian Bel has a rare sound compares to other Norwegian rock, with rough and great lyrics packed in a characteristic musical environment"”

Ivar Henriksboe -