KOJI ASANO “Solstice Eclipse” CD
  self-released 2009. Our rating [7/10]

With “Solstice Eclipse” Asano's again uplifts the level of his most creative mind.
Remarkable indeed the slow gradation or decomposing grated sounds of the piece. Evolving from the clamour of the initial voices to paced blurred sounds composing massive voices disappearing into a drowning miasma.
The effect of the sounds rather than instruments is like playing organ or even piano inside the ocean. The impression is of an orchestra slowly sinking while playing and drowning into the sea with the seeming like voices accompanying the instrumentation in their collective sinking in trance, composing a magnificent slow motion poem of extreme beauty. A view from the edge of humanity.
This excellent experience makes you perceive and feel the weight of BEING.
I can identify with this experience.

Salvador Francesch