O+A "Box 30/70"
  Tourette (Tick 7)

Sound artists Sam Auinger and Bruce Odland travel the world - well, Western Europe, anyway - with resonating tubes, modulators and filters, making music from the various environments they encounter. Their sound installations trap and transform natural and unnatural sounds, be it chirping crickets, gushing water or the headlong rush of passing traffic. This disc documents their adventures in six ci... [Read full review]

 NURSE WITH WOUND/CURRENT 93 "Bright Yellow Moon"
  World Serpent Distribution

Bright Yellow Moon is a journey through David Tibet's near death experience of August 2000. Suffering from a burst appendix, with resulting gangrene and blood poisoning, Tibet lay in the hospital ward, hovering uncertainly between life and death, witnessing the death of the man in the bed next to him, and a subsequent vision of the Angel of Death, Samael. An extraordinary visual diary of an extrao... [Read full review]

 MERZBOW "A Taste Of..."
  Mego records

Masami Akita is a genius. This, his first effort for the ever-impressive Mego label, shows yet again his ability to churn out noise albums at an astonishing rate without any drop whatsoever in the quality of material. A Taste Of… presents four tracks that deal with the delicate and intricate matter of Japanese cuisine: stewed beef, stewed octopus, young yellowtail, shitake mushroom, minced raw pom... [Read full review]

 FRANCISCO LOPEZ "Untitled 2000"

"Seemingly cold and abstract this music is saturated with emotions and passion of searching for the primordial sound reality", or so it says here. Minimalism like this requires a lot of listening. You could picture Lopez in an empty whitewashed room, sitting on the floor with Bernhard Gunther and Richard Chartier in total silence, straining their ears to catch something that can barely be heard. T... [Read full review]

 STIFF MINERS "Vox Celesta"

Russian industrial miners, playing same old school industrial in the veins of slovenian Laibach. Looks like better to get original Laibachs than this CD.... [Read full review]

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