ROFL FM "Reggae Christmas Time" CD
  self-released 2011. Our rating [1/10]

ROFL_FM (Rolling On the Floor Laughing Formation of Music) is a music studio production team from Germany which was formed in the year 2011 by songwriter Nelson Z. The group is composed of several studio singers and producers in and around Germany. Bio: Nelson Z. - Lead Vocals, Publisher. A Studio Animation Band Production. This music formation composes in different styles of music, like Rock... [Read full review]

  self-released 2011. Our rating [2/10]

The brightest in the rock fusion world move the music forward with an awareness of what came before them. That is certainly true of Vitali Tkachenka. A native of Belarus, Vitali began his formal music training under the guidance of widely respected Yuri Dzmitrieu of the Ethno-Trio Troitsa. Under Dzmitrieu’s instruction, Vitali was introduced to and profoundly influenced by artists and musicians su... [Read full review]

 THE WHOLE DEATH CATALOGUE "Digitation/Diglossia" CD
  Trees & Wires 2011. Our rating [5/10]

Dragging The Mule is the current project of Dogpile frontman, William Paul Adams with the support of Catherine Phillips and Trevor Black. Adams has a rich musical history beginning in the 80’s as bass player for industrial/art band Kitten With A Whip. Known for using bits of animal carcasses and blood and occasionally setting fires in clubs during their performances, KWAW was a mainstay on the To... [Read full review]

 NUMBER PROPHETS "Simple Songs For Dangerous Times" CD
  One Bad Apple recordings 2008. Our rating [8/10]

Poised to explode onto the scene with one of the great rock records of the new millennium are the Number Prophets, with their stunning debut “Simple Songs for Dangerous Times.” Stylistically fearless, the band morphs effortlessly from huge rocking riffs to alt-country tinged ballads, bluesy dust-ups to stadium anthems to guitar-pop confections and wistful modern rockers. You will recognize all of ... [Read full review]

  self-released 2010. Our rating [5/10]

I've been writing for a while; it has always been and I believe will continue to be one of the great pleasurable escapes in my life. Creating a world where you are the master is not only empowering but self revealing as there is some piece of the composer in each work. One of the most rewarding element s of this process is listening to a completely recorded, mixed and mastered song with a talent... [Read full review]

 BOB NESOM "Made in Revere" CD
  self-released 2007. Our rating [5/10]

Bob Nesom is an Alternative Folk Rock Singer/Songwriter and recording artist known for his commentary on social injustice and political issues of the day. One cannot help from being compelled by his unique sound and uncompromising lyrics. Nesom has released three albums: "Avenue of Life and Dreams," "The Party's Almost Over," and "Made in Revere." He can be found on many popular sites incl... [Read full review]

 ANNIVERSARY CIRCLE "Forgotten Inventions" CD
  self-released 2011. Our rating [8/10]

Existential questions will be never probably exhausted as a subject, nevertheless, they occupy everybody single from us more or less strongly, nevertheless, they are since centuries already an An desire of countless people to create her works. "Saturated Fea-thers" of Anniversary Circle works off as such questions: "When we die do we ask ? Do we go to heaven ? Do we go to hell ? Or are we part ... [Read full review]

 KOJI ASANO “Solstice Eclipse” CD
  self-released 2011. Our rating [8/10]

The earthquake and subsequent horrors endured by Japan cloud this 45th release by the legendary sound artist Koji Asano. Released only as a digital download because of the impossibility of pressing CDs at the moment, “Solstice Eclipse” is tinged with echoing sadness and yet with majestic resignation. There is a somber hope to this single forty -five minute track; like it title, and like the even... [Read full review]

 LAYLOW "The Big Kat Diares" CDr
  self-released 2011. Our rating [3/10]


 ALEX FOSTER'S "Condition" CD
  Lion Boy Records 2011. Our rating [3/10]

culmination of experience, passion, and brutal honesty, 'Alex Foster's Condition' brings new meaning to improvised music. With all original compositions, the album showcases a phenomenal spirit heard not nearly often enough in music today. It makes a drastic statement, featuring untraditional sounds such as electric guitar as it explores the vast frontier that is jazz by taking strides with a free... [Read full review]

 WILL WHAMOND "The First of Many" CD
  Wham-O-Beth Records 2011. Our rating [8/10]

"This is a very interesting song that really defies categorization. It combines a hip-hop type of vocals with hard rock instrumentals, which is not in itself entirely unusual, but the way you've fused the two is unlike what I've heard before. ...You've also got a good sing-along refrain in "one by one". The musicianship is above par, and the somewhat muted solo guitar work is well-suited to this s... [Read full review]

 CELLARSCAPE "A Theta / Delta Union" CD
  Sky Baby Records 2011. Our rating [10/10]

"Beautifully intelligent. Utterly accessible. Cellarscape bring a sound for a new decade. Enchanting pop bursting with soul." (BBC Radio Kent) • An A3 art print of the new record's stunning artwork (created/painted by artist Paul Shubrook) on heavyweight 300gsm white flecked board. Each print has been hand-numbered & signed by Paul Shubrook & Paul Terry (aka Cellarscape). • A copy of the Spec... [Read full review]

 BOB NESOM "The Party's Almost Over" CD
  self-released 2009. Our rating [7/10]

Bob Nesom is an alternative folk rock singer/songwriter/instrumentalist and recording artist with working class roots. He is popular for articulating social and political issues of the day with his versatile vocals and innovative nylon-string guitar performances. He has composed hundreds of songs and has written two musical plays. His work has been described as passionate, honest, intriguing and u... [Read full review]

  self-released 2011. Our rating [3/10]

Born Paul Bettencourt in 1957, he is a Rhode Island native, and the son of musical parents. He was a graduate of West Warwick High School (1975), briefly attended University of Rhode Island (Fall 1975), and ultimately graduated from Boston’s Berklee College of Music (1980) with a Bachelor of Music degree in Composition. His first commercial recordings were as lead guitarist and co-vocalis... [Read full review]

 BARDUR JOHANNESEN "Ancient Forgotten Stories" CD
  Tutl 2011. Our rating [10/10]

My name Bárður Johannesen, and I am 28 years old. I live and grew up in a small country far in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, called the Faroe Islands. The place consists of 18 small and green islands, and is known for its peaceful and beautiful nature environment and changing weather colours, its great and steep mountains, surrounded by the great and harsh sea. This mystical and ench... [Read full review]

  Guerilla Records & Rockamagula music 2008. Our rating [5/10]

Webster’s definition of ‘Ivory Tower’ is: a figurative place of mental withdrawal from reality. The phrase is used as a symbol of escapism. “We thought it was a perfect name for a group of musicians who all had to work day jobs.” Independent recording artists: Ivory Tower Project is a new breed of ‘old school’ rockers. Their music is inspired by the great Classic Rock artists of the 70’s and 80’s.... [Read full review]

 GARTH ADAM "Travelling" epCD
  self-released 2011. Our rating [6/10]

Where in the world are Garth Adam’s songs being played? From NYC to Lithuania, from Chile to Portugal, from Scotland to Wales, from Martha’s Vineyard to Grenoble. This UK born singer/songwriter spent his childhood in Africa and Fiji then eventually settled in Australia. This is where he honed his musical talents playing bass for numerous bands. He eventually stayed focused on his solo career ... [Read full review]

 JEANINE TRULY self-titled CD
  self-released 2009. Our rating [7/10]

Jeanine Truly traces her love of 70’s funk, rock, soul and R&B back to childhood, and the night that Kool and the Gang played a gig at one of her parent’s parties, bringing the get-down sounds of the Jersey City beat live to her living room. She counts many other influences as well, from Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Chaka Khan, to Queen’s Freddie Mercury, Prince, Carole King... [Read full review]

  Treated & Released Records 2011. Our rating [2/10]

In the tradition of such modern musical irreverent Reverends as Rev. Horton Heat, Rev. Billy C. Wirtz or Rev. Billy of the Life after Shopping Choir - such is Reverend Freakchild. He has played in many bands including an early incarnation of Soul Coughing with M. Doughty leaving to form the roots rock jam band Bananafish in Boston and then onto some work with The Neptune Ensemble, The Soul Miners... [Read full review]

 IAN BEL “Fake Factory” CD
  UNO record company 2011. Our rating [7/10]

Ian Bel is the name behind the video Slave which has had more than 95,000 plays on YouTube. The man behind the name grew up on a tiny farm not far from Oslo, Norway’s capital and claims to have begun making music “at the height of 100 cm”. Bel was heavily influenced by a classical pianist mother and folk musician father and by the sounds of a distant relative – legendary Norwegian violinis... [Read full review]

 KOJI ASANO “Solstice Eclipse” CD
  self-released 2009. Our rating [7/10]

With “Solstice Eclipse” Asano's again uplifts the level of his most creative mind. Remarkable indeed the slow gradation or decomposing grated sounds of the piece. Evolving from the clamour of the initial voices to paced blurred sounds composing massive voices disappearing into a drowning miasma. The effect of the sounds rather than instruments is like playing organ or even piano inside the ocean... [Read full review]

 OSCAPE "The Growing Ground" CD
  self-released 2009. Our rating [7/10]

A realistic and often chilling look at the state of affairs with hard driving rhythms, angry lyrics and catchy melodies. Oscape hails from Tucson, Az. bringing their hard rock to open ears. A staple of the Southwest, Oscape strives to share their message through hard driving rhythms and catchy choruses. Oscape has been playing throughout the desert for 18 yrs. to a rapidly growing fan base. Wit... [Read full review]

 LOTUS DOG self titled CD
  Ursa Minor Arts and media 2004. Our rating [7/10]

Lotus Dog is a rock-tronic music project led by brother and sister song-writing team TSO and Jolie. More like a community than a band, Lotus Dog's debut release features more than two dozen guest musicians and contributors, from Afghan tabla player / vocalist Tameem to Oakland rappers The Conscious Daughters. Combined with Jolie's heart-felt vocals and TSO's avant garde production style, this r... [Read full review]

 GRAYSON WRAY PROJECT "Butterfly Cannonball" CD
  Lavender Sky Records 2009. Our rating [6/10]

The Grayson Wray Project (aka GWP) is an eccentric, high energy band rocking out of Los Angeles, California. ‘The B52’s meets the Beatles with a funkadelic flavor’ is how fans describe their sound. Zany and original, serious yet fun, a wide variety of influences can be heard in their tunes. From 60’s pop to funk and techno – they cover the musical spectrum with a cool Southern California vibe. GWP... [Read full review]

 B.HOGAN "...a Moment of Clarity" CD
  self-released 2004. Our rating [5/10]

South Florida Punk Rock emerging from the small beach town of Jensen Beach. This 4 song E.P. is a teaser of things to come by this band. The inaugural release by B Records, this one is sure not to disappoint. Support Indie Punk, buy a copy today or download some songs for your own enjoyment.... [Read full review]

 SYMPATHY FOR STRAWBERRY "Call the Ambulance Now!" CD
  self-released 2009. Our rating [8/10]

SYMPATHY FOR STRAWBERRY started in early 2003. We're based in Vienna, Austria. Since we've started we've played shows in almost every part of Austria, most of them beeing club shows, but also on some festivals. We've also received airplay on some stations, were in the final of a country-wide bandcontest, and even did a 10-minute tv-interview which was broadcasted four times countrywide. Our live s... [Read full review]

 P-LASK "Drawing a Blank" CD
  self-released 2009. Our rating [5/10]

DJ, producer, and remixer Paul Laski (aka P-LASK) has had a passion for dance music since the mid 1990s. After hearing albums from such electronica artists as The Prodigy, Future Sound of London, BT, Orbital, and DJ mixes from the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Sasha & Digweed, and Tiesto, he became deeply enmeshed in the world of electronic music. His interest was sparked the most by progressive house,... [Read full review]

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